Hati Nurani (conscientious heart or mercy) is the name of the orphanage on the Sumba Island in Indonesia. It is also the only hope for many orphans of Sumba.

The PLANETFOND International Charitable Foundation - “Loving Planet” implements projects aimed at maintaining biosystems and ecological balance, strengthening the human connection with nature and preserving indigenous population groups and their distinctive culture.


International Charitable Foundation PLANETFOND – „Loving Planet“ is registered in 2019, thanks to the co-founders‘ initiative to restore natural resources, cleansing the planet, improving humans’ health, connecting nature and man through preservation of the originality and primordiality of small nations.




The founders support the mission of the foundation, agreeing with the goals, principles and values of the foundation. The founders are aware that the foundation is a non-profit organization and are disinterested in their intentions. The founders do their best to support the foundation and its activities for the benefit of the planet and humanity. Each founder respects and values the unique and inimitable contribution of other participants and understands that the strength of the foundation lies in our unity. That is why each founder is responsible for the activities of the foundation.

Olga Müller

Germany – Managing partner of IIG real estate consulting GmbH and MS Ir.e.s. GmbH, Certified Lawyer-Economist, Member of the Royal RICS Academy of Real Estate Professionals, Associate Professor of the European Academy of Real Estate Appraisers eSA.

Oleg Kapitonov

Germany – partner of IIG real estate consulting GmbH, legal adviser, attorney, specialist in the field of commercial and corporate law, as well as private international law.

In the activities of the fund, they carry out organizational activities, legal registration, work with the world community, work to attract state, European and world subsidies. The initiators of the implementation of the fund.

Galina Mirtskhulava

Russia – psychologist-kinesiologist, full member of the professional psychotherapeutic league, researcher – seeker. The inspirer, ideological and spiritual guide to the life of the international foundation „Loving Planet“. Carries out expeditions around the world in search of places, people and nationalities that keep the identity of their stay and need our help.

Dmitry Lapshinov

Russia – practitioner of the path of 5 traditions, founder of the self-improvement system „Svarga“ and the project „Quality of Life“, author of the book „The Sound of Silence“.

Provides assistance in the development of health-improving energy practices for the soul and body of a person, the creation and awakening of people through practices, dissemination of information about the fund in the communities of healthy lifestyle.

Ara Arush

Bali – director, screenwriter, producer. Master of martial arts. Conductor. Alchemist.

Anna Arush

Bali – actress, artist, spiritual practitioner, muse.

Anna and Ara Arush are the founders of the unique „First Step“ healing system, a multidimensional system that triggers the body’s natural self-healing and self-regulation processes, and also increases the vibration of consciousness. They also support several eco-globalization projects.

Ulrich Klapper

Germany – strategist, attorney, chartered economist, specialist in tax and corporate law, as well as in financing.

„We have learned to combine spiritual and material values. That is why we are founders and active participants in this project.“


We believe that every person has a desire to help and be useful. Nature, which gives us life requires help as well as many small nations, who live in harmony with nature and keep the originality of life. Therefore, the Foundation sets itself the task of creating communication channels between benefactors and beneficiaries. In working with benefactors, we adhere to the following principles:


As an international organization, we encourage charitable assistance and express our gratitude to all benefactors for their compassion and love shown, as well as for the trust placed in the Foundation.


Detailed reports on the activities of the Fund and the distribution of funds are subject to annual publication.


The Foundation retains freedom and independence in choosing the type of activity and projects for implementation. The philanthropist cannot influence these processes, but he/she has a right to express the position in relation to the activities of the Fund, can take part in the discussion of charitable projects, and also provide assistance in their organization. The philanthropist has the opportunity to support specific projects in a targeted manner.


The Foundation seeks to develop strategic long-term and stable relationships with all of its partners. Compliance with the rules of ethics, which are spelled out in the ethical code.


The International Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Germany, Leipzig. The definition of the governing body of the Fund, the relationship between members, founders, as well as the activities of the Fund are regulated by the Charter. The Charter also regulates the size of the annual contribution for the members of the Fund.


Funding for charitable projects and activities of the Foundation is carried out through membership fees, grants of the European, world and regional level. The main funding comes from donors.